Wireless Internet and Networking Systems (WINS) Laboratory is located at the Department of Computer Science, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro Campus. We at WINS strive to the cutting-edge research and development efforts in the wider range of telecommunications and wireless connectivity for the betterment and improvement of our lifestyles. WINS team always seek research opportunities to investigate network layer issues including routing protocols, architectures, MAC layer modeling and analysis, connected vehicles, smart health, future internet architectures, and network management. Our research topics include: 
  • Vehicular Communications (Routing, MAC)
  • Next-Generation Networks (Information/Content-Centric and Named Data Networking)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Connected and Smart Communities
  • Sensors & Ad-hoc Networks 
  • Smart & Mobile Health
Note for Prospective Graduate Students, Prospective PostDocs, and Visiting Scholars:
I am always open to discuss opportunities for visiting scholars and collaborations. However, 
currently, there is no opening in the WINS Lab and we encourage to keep checking the website for any possible positions in the future.